Skipping out on your regularly scheduled Tuesday question to wish my beautiful, talented, brilliant Asthma Girl a very Happy 12th Birthday. She’s come a long way. Thanks for sharing our story!

Colbert Impersonates an Antivaxer and Interviews Paul Offit. Hilariously.

I can write about the importance of childhood vaccinations all week long, but I don’t know why I should when we’ve got Stephen Colbert to debunk the vaccine myths in his usual deadpan fashion: “I’m entirely motivated by fear.” “Can’t we put those people in a plastic bubble?” “You’re playing the children dying card. How […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Snow Day (Cold Day?) Entertainment

In Florida, we used to have hurricane days instead of snow days. The hurricane ones are a lot harder. On snow days, you can curl up under in an electric blanket with some hot chocolate and watch the fat flakes drift down through your windows. Power lines and such don’t ice up here the way […]

Friday Links – Gender and the Clean Western Childhood, Meal Sniffing

Women, Asthma, and the Hygiene Hypothesis I’m pretty sure this marks the first time I’ve ever linked to a philosopher’s research on lung health. Excess Airway Mucus Enzyme Discovered, Probably Leading to New Treatments The same enzyme involved in other inflammatory conditions also plays a role in asthma and COPD, and guess what? The medicines […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Dulera vs. Advair

Here’s a little something different – one of the search questions that often lead people here: Is Dulera safer than Advair? Dulera, you’ll recall, is a new combination inhaler. As far as I can tell, it represents Merck’s attempt to corner a share of the long-acting beta agonist market rather than a “better” medication choice […]

Friday Links – Kids and Lung Function, Voicebox Transplant, Wal-Mart Food

Severe Early Asthma = Less Lung Function Later That’s the connection researchers in this study suggest, highlighting the need for quick diagnosis and aggressive treatment and prevention tactics during childhood. Larynx Transplant Gives Woman Her Voice Back How amazing is this story? Brenda Charett Jensen, the transplant patient, even speaks with her own voice, not […]

Review – Building a Better Candy Bar

For a long time, I’ve been of two minds about food and health. One of them doesn’t want to push the lowfat, low-sugar, non-fried options on my girls all the time. Kids love candy and soda and french fries, and while I don’t keep any of those around the house very often, I don’t entirely […]

Tuesdays are Your Turn – Time and Kids’ Control

From the ‘ole inbox: I’m in the middle of trying to help my daughter right now. She’s 4 and just got diagnosed after seeming to be sick all the time. Right now we’re trying to get used to the fact of her diagnosis and learn everything we can about it at the same time. It’s […]

Friday Links – Wakefield Prosecution, Universal Flu Vaccine, Ice Sculptures

(Photo: JackVinson) Here’s One Scientist Calling for the Trial of Andrew Wakefield In this blog post on CNN, RealClearScience editor Alex B. Berezow writes, Scientific fraud is a very serious matter. From a fiscal standpoint, it is essentially stealing money. I don’t want to copy and paste the entire paragraph, so check out the full […]