Friday Links – FDA Advair Update, Secondhand Smoke & Boys, Clean Air Act

Update on the FDA Panel on Advair and Other LABA’s
The good news: nothing’s getting pulled off the market.

The bad news: but they say the risks are greater than the benefits for Serevent and Foradil.

The good news: Advair seems okay, although the panel was much more supportive of its use in adults than in children. In fact, the drug-safety division, while it didn’t recommend pulling anything, doesn’t want any of the LABA’s marketed for use in kids.

For a breakdown of the voting and to read more, check out the whole article.

American Lung Association Supports Pickens Plan
If you don’t follow me on, you missed my article last spring on oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ ambitious plan for a wind energy farm along the Texas Panhandle. Since then, Pickens has been advocating for a whole new energy plan for the U.S. to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, a plan that involves renewable energy sources and natural gas. It’s called–what else?–the Pickens Plan, and not everyone loves it.

The American Lung Association came out in support of the plan yesterday with Chairman Steve Nolan saying,

The American Lung Association applauds Mr. Pickens’ goal of harnessing cleaner energy alternatives because cleaner energy will make our air healthier to breathe. The American Lung Association is enthusiastic about engaging in this effort to build further support for the Pickens Plan. Cleaner energy, such as the wind and solar power that the Pickens Plan recommends, is a solution that we support.”

Don’t Smoke Around Your Kids, Part 100
If the potential lung damage weren’t enough of a risk, secondhand smoke ups bad behavior in boys with asthma because the nicotine may affect the development of their nervous systems.

The Bush EPA Actually Gives Up on Two Attempts to Weaken the Clean Air Act
What’s that saying? Even a broken clock is right twice a day? (And I’m sure all that pressure from Congress and environmental and health groups had a rather large role in this as well.)

Finally, let’s end with a seasonal link:

Incredibly Elaborate Holiday Cards
Via Dark Roasted Blend

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