But Can You Turn it Into a Bong?

Another Asthma Mom and I were discussing inhalers and our children last night, and here’s what we want to know:

Why do spacers require prescriptions in our state?

As I understand it, not every state does, so I guess we’re just lucky. But we can’t figure out the reason behind the rule. Rule? Law? Statute? I have no idea which term is the correct one, and Google won’t tell me.

But why? Why can’t parents just walk into a drugstore and buy what is basically a plastic tube with a mouthpiece? Especially since spacers don’t get lost, broken, or forgotten only during the weekdays, when doctors are available to write prescriptions for the damn things. Especially since a spacer is a medicine delivery system, not actual medicine.

I suppose you could make your own if you got truly desperate on the weekend, but with an estimated 20.5 million Americans suffering from asthma, should you have to?

The best we can figure is that someone in power probably decided recreational drug users could use OTC spacers for their own, illegal purposes. I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could turn one of these things into a bong or a pipe. But that’s true of soda cans, too. And water bottles. And thousands of other harmless household items. Are we going to stick those behind the prescription counter, too?

Enlighten me, Internet reading public. Tell me the reason behind this senseless restriction.

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