Saturday Links

I feel like the very first Saturday Links on this new url should have some sort of theme, but they don’t. Enjoy!

Looks like severe asthma might just be a different form of the disease than non-severe types. A newly discovered physiological difference in the airways of severe asthmatics may just explain why they don’t experience good results with typical asthma treatments.

Salon’s interview with Anne Harrington, Harvard medical historian and author of newly released The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine. If you click on no other links today, go visit this one. It’s a fascinating read about community and healing.

Next up, Tara Parker-Pope discusses new research in which children describe the ways attention deficit disorder colors their experiences and relationships. Now I know this isn’t an A.D.H.D. blog, but my daughter’s asthma sparked my interest long ago in how children feel about and react to any chronic conditions, whether physical, emotional, or mental.

Finally, what we call eliminating environmental triggers at home, school, and work other people call green living. No matter which term you use, it’s a movement worth following even if the trendiness of it fades. The Discovery Channel and Adrian Grenier are producing a new eco-lifestyle series to help you. Called The Green Life, it will show how to make easy eco-friendly changes in your life and should air this summer.