Weird Health Wednesdays: Healthy Candy, Unhealthy Grass, Body Tricks

(Weird Health Wednesdays is a former weekly feature at Asthma Mom.)

Welcome to the second week of Weird Health Wednesdays!

Forbes’ List of Healthiest Candies
Yeah, that’s right. Healthy candy. Now, author Susan Yara makes a good point at the end of the article, that pumping candy full of extra vitamins or fruit extracts could give people an excuse to eat too many snacks and not enough actual food. Honestly, I think the best way to go is to pick candy with the purest and fewest ingredients or fortified with vitamins only if you’re going to eat candy anyway. Certainly it’s no substitute for actual fruit, and I wouldn’t eat green tea-infused chocolates rather than just drink the tea itself but hey, good health starts with baby steps. Anyway, the slide show is fun.

Next up,

(Flickr photo/markhillary)

Did you read it? If you don’t get the joke, read it again.

The cemetery’s replacing grass with paving stones. For health. If you go read the comments on the original page, you’ll see there’s actually a reason for the switch, but still.

And now for my favorite:

Weird But Practical Tips for Your Body
Did you know if you cough while getting a shot it will hurt less? Or that scratching your ear will calm a throat tickle? Check out other weird body tricks on this post at It’s two years-old but so, so worth a read. Just don’t bother clicking on the link to the original Men’s Health article within the post because it no longer works.

To find out more about this feature, read the first installment of Weird Health Wednesdays.

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  1. Asthmagirl says:

    I’m sorry, but I love your wierd health Wednesday. I’m not sure I would cough while being given a shot, but I am going to check the link for healthy candies later today. Not for me, but for my youngest daughter.

    Thanks for all the research. I do have my eye out for odd stories for you as well!

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