5 Lung Facts You Might Not Know

1. Your left lung is smaller than your right one.
Can you guess why?

ETA this answer: While your heart sits more or less in the center of your chest cavity, the larger part bulges out to the left, leaving less space for that lung.

2. The word *lung* probably comes from *lunge,* the Old English word for *light.*
As related to weight, not illumination, and explaining the following:

3. Your lungs are your only organs that can float on water.

4. You have 1500 miles of airways.
No wonder asthma gets so bad. That’s 1500 miles of potential inflammation.

5. You take approximately 22,000 breaths every 24 hours.

Information courtesy of the
Science Museum of Minnesota, Discovery: Your Gross and Cool Body, and what I remember from high school biology and anatomy. Partly inspired by Asthmagirl’s (the blogger, not my kid) lists this week.