The Friday List: Why I Love and Hate Telecommuting

Why Working from Home Beats an Office Job Any Day of the Week

1. I have time for this blog.
2. I largely work barefoot and in yoga pants.
3. I get more work done in less time.
4. I don’t have problems getting to doctor and dentist appointments.
5. I don’t have to pay for afterschool care.

Why it Sucks

1. I suspect the girls don’t actually believe I work.
2. Freelancing is a Feast or Famine situation, awesome when it’s all feast, tough when you’re stuck in the drought.
3. Mornings like today, when I have a project due at 1:00 PM and my daughters have both managed to forget something they needed at school today.

It’s like their superpower, the ability to sense exactly when I need no distractions and then coordinate forgetting both homework folders and Book Fair money during that time. Further complicated by the elementary school situation here, which requires driving to two different locations. AG goes to the elementary intermediate school for third through fifth grades, and her sister attends the primary school for kindergarten through second grade.

Yeah, I’m totally flaking out on this post as a result. Back with links and relevant information tomorrow!