Health Crises in Myanmar and China, Plus How to Help

Statistics sometimes tell the story best:

Myanmar Cyclone

While it’s hard to pinpoint numbers since the ruling military junta severely limits access and informtion, here are some estimates.

38,491 confirmed deaths
68,833 to 127,990 total estimated dead, according to the Red Cross and Red Crescent
1 million estimated homeless
41,000 missing, according to Mynamar media
4.7 inches of rain possible in the hard-hit Irrawaddy Delta this week.
65% of country’s rice produced in devastated areas, increasing the risk of long-term starvation

Source: CNN

China Earthquake

19,500+ dead
50,000 total possibly dead
40,000 missing or buried in debris
65,000 injured
1,600+ of those in serious condition
Almost 400 dams at risk of aftershocks, endangering people trapped in the vicinity and downstream

Source: New York Times

Those are just the bare facts, and they don’t speak to the need for food, clean water, clothing, housing, and future rebuilding efforts.

To Help

World Food Programme
Red Cross and Red Crescent
Doctors Without Borders

3 responses to “Health Crises in Myanmar and China, Plus How to Help”

  1. kristi says:

    These are such incredible tragedies, it’s hard to fathom their magnitude. Thanks for bringing these stories, and the horrifying numbers, to light.

  2. Amy says:

    On top of that, the food and other aid isn’t getting through to the Burmese. That’s what I can’t imagine. The aftermath of a hurricane is so wearying and hot and chaotic—and that’s here, in a country not under military rule and with a solid infrastructure.

  3. Allie’s Answers » Blog Archive » What’s Going On says:

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