Tell Savage Nation Advertisers, Stations that Minority Asthma Not a Money Racket, Autism Not a Fraud

First, with all the backlash after using the words brat, idiot, and moron to describe autistic kids, Michael Savage is standing by his remarks and refuses to apologize. Not only that, but he’s actually claiming credit for adding to the autism dialogue, as the New York Times reports:

But he said he was proud to have prodded discussion on the subject, and planned to give over his entire show on Monday — broadcast live from Northern California from 3 to 6 p.m., Pacific time — to parents and other callers who wished to disagree with him and to educate him. (link above)

How very enlightened of him. He’s “prodding discussion”?


I thought he was “taking cheap shots” at autistic kids and minority asthmatics in a typical shock-jock maneuver to bump his ratings up.

How very stupid of me.

Autism United, a New York advocacy group, protested yesterday at WOR Radio, the station that airs Savage Nation. It’s calling for the station to stop broadcasting the show.

Why not check out Autism United’s website? You can find contact information for the station and Savage Nation advertisers. Let them know you’re boycotting their businesses if they continue to support hate radio. (Edited 7/24 for the following: Home Depot and Radio Shack do not advertise on Savage Nation, as some blogs have listed.)

And while you’re at it, why not also let WOR Radio know you won’t be listening to any of its programming? I’m all for free speech, and Savage has every right to spout off whatever ignorant misinformation he wants (Check out who he’s offended in the past. MSNBC pulled his show after he told a caller to get AIDS and die.) But WOR Radio has the right not to give him a national platform to do it, and we have the right to demand accountability of people in the spotlight and to take our business elsewhere.

WOR Radio Contact Information

111 Broadway 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10006
Phone: 212-642-4500

You could also complain to local stations that carry Savage Nation.

Guys, contacting advertisers works. Aflac pulled its advertising yesterday.

Last year, Citrix stopped its ads after Savage’s bigoted, anti-Muslim comments.

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  1. Paul says:

    God bless you Asthma mom. The things Michael Savage said about Autism were bad enough… but he injected RACE into his Asthma comments… that it is a FRAUD perpetrated by the minority community. What an outrage. We must contact all his show’s sponsors and ask them if they want to be associated with HATE radio.
    Please contact Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. I’m sure they’d be very interested in getting involved with this nationwide boycott effort.

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