Weird Health Wednesdays – Olympics Edition (Again), with Unique Beijing, an Olympics Breafast, and a Photo Gallery

The New York Times Reports on Unique Details at the Beijing Games
Ms. Bug Catcher, a zamboni for the beach volleyball sand courts, and the theme from Jaws, among other unusual details in this Olympics.

Question: How Much Food Does it Take to Fuel an Eight-Medal Champion?

Answer: Five times as much as the average adult male requires. Or 12,000 calories, which Michael Phelps has consumed throughout this Olympics.

Non-Olympics intake is reported as between 8,000 and 10,000 calories, and for breakfast that means 3 fried egg and cheese sandwiches (including mayonnaise), an omelet, grits, 3 slices of French toast w/powdered sugar, and 3 chocolate chip pancakes. Competitive swimmers typically pack it in when they eat, of course, but Phelps apparently trains harder and burns calories faster than most.’s “Bizarre” Olympic Photos
Very few of these qualify as *bizarre.* Some are breathtaking, some are culturally interesting, some are mildly entertaining, and some are beautiful. But you must check out the one of President Bush on the top row, far right, and take special note of his daughter’s facial expression.

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