Friday Links: Obama = History, Abuse Raises Kids’ Asthma Risk, Schools and Air Pollution

Usually I lead with asthma and health links, but today let’s acknowledge a historic moment first:

Barack Obama Enters the Record Books as First African-American Presidential Candidate of a Major Party
Watching history unfold like this is a remarkable thing, no matter who you’re voting for.

Physical and Sexual Abuse Increases Asthma Risk in Kids
While the link between stress and asthma is well-documented, this Brigham and Women’s Hospital research offers the first evidence of a strong connection between childhood abuse and asthma development. Researchers studied over 1,300 parent/child pairs in Puerto Rico, since this ethnic group of mine carries the highest rates of asthma. For reasons not entirely understood, the abuse victims were twice as likely to have asthma, and according to research lead Robyn T. Cohen, M.D., M.P.H., that’s a valuable piece of information for social workers and doctors.

30% of U.S. Public Schools in Highly Polluted Locations
The University of Cincinnati found that one-third of schools are near major highways, exposing schoolchildren to health risks associated with air pollution. A press release from the school suggested taking the research into account when planning and building future schools and installing air filtration systems in existing ones.

Of course, decreasing vehicle emissions probably wouldn’t hurt, either.
(via the American Lung Association.)

AAFA: Volunteers Needed for Two New Clinical Trials
One’s for kids six months to six years with allergy symptoms, and the other’s for asthma sufferers aged 12 to 75 who can’t attain good control.

In non-asthma links:

Well on Medical Treatment of Women as “Breeding Machines”
Tara Parker-Pope has been writing about the complaint of many women that the medical community consistently treats them as “pre-pregnant” and concentrates too much on their reproductive ability rather than on them as whole patients. Check out the comments and podcast, too.

Recycling Tips for Mesh Produce Bags
DIY bird feeders and sink scrubbers, anyone?

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  1. AsthmaGramps says:

    Although I am more on the conservatish side, I fully agree with your sentiments recognizing the historical significance of both the person and the event. It was an amazing event and speech that occured about 15 miles from my home.

    old guy again

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