Friday Links: Aspirin, Folic Acid, and that Elusive Asthma Cure

More Evidence of Asthma, Aspirin Link
Read this whole article, though, as the 10 year-old connection does not necessarily mean a cause/effect situation.

Too Much Folic Acid During Pregnancy Ups Babies’ Asthma Risk?
Anyone woman who’s been pregnant in the last 16 years knows the drill: get enough folic acid in your diet to prevent birth defects. That’s why we had to take prenatal vitamins, and that’s why most flours and grains are enriched with the stuff, too. The recommendation, set in 1992, called for a daily intake of 400 mcg, but how much folic acid is too much?

Surprising new National Jewish and Duke University research shows mice with diets high in folic acid and other methyl-donor supplements had altered genes and produced babies with much higher rates of asthma. Check out what senior author David Schwartz, MD, had to say:

It also suggests the dramatic increase in asthma during the past two decades may be related in part to recent changes in dietary supplementation among women of childbearing age.

This is huge, right? And also:

Given the important role folic acid supplementation has played in prevention of birth defects, Drs. Schwartz and Hollingsworth do not advise any changes in folic acid supplementation, but do believe the issue is worth further investigation.

Um, yeah. Don’t stop taking folic acid if you’re pregnant, of course, but I sure hope this “further investigation” happens with a quickness. Preventing birth defects and asthma–at least, the forms of both that can be prevented–is the goal here.

On a side note, practically every headline I read on this story hinged on some variation of Mothers’ Diets Can Change Genes, Raise Asthma Risk.

(rolls eyes)

How about this instead?

The U.S. Might Have Gone Overboard on this Folic Acid Thing

Or this?

Based on Possible Asthma Risk, Pregnancy Supplement Recommendations Need Closer Look.

Anything but this:

Moms: It’s ALL Your Fault

Drama at the American Lung Association
The ALA is not happy with its Seattle chapter for changing its mission statement, refusing a teens’ anti-smoking program and a flu vaccine campaign, and starting a new, non-approved nonprofit corporation. Neither side is backing down, and the ALA is apparently threatening to cut ties with the chapter.

Not Really News: Asthma Remains an Incurable Mystery
L.A. Times health blogger Shari Roan describes an editorial about asthma in this week’s Lancet as

a dismal picture regarding a scientific understanding of the disorder and future treatment options.

Its authors also stress the need to view asthma as a syndrome, not a disease, considering the broad range of risk factors, symptoms, and outcomes for patients.

My New Celsias Article: Eco Neighborhoods
From the longer piece:

The popularity of older, inefficient residential models, particularly the American suburb, has dropped as higher fuel prices make long commutes more costly and mixed-urban neighborhoods and other community-based housing options gain steam. Some people are settling in areas with other proponents of green living and increasing their sustainability as an entire neighborhood.
(Read the whole article through the link above.)

Oops, edited for one more after I finally checked my email:

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    How odd. I haven’t heard any hub bub about ALAW here (American Lung Association of Washington) and their website still lists the national mission statement. I wonder what will come of this?

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