Your Feedback, Please

Something new is in the works for the Asthma Mom blog.

While I’m not quite ready to divulge the details, I can tell you the changes won’t affect the content of the regular posts.

But here’s where you get to help an Asthma Mom out. I’d like your input before this new thing goes live in a month or so. Through the Contact tab at the top of the page or in the comments for this post, let me know why you come this blog, what you’d like to read more of, and so on. Got any questions you’d like to see covered here? Send those in, too.

Pretty much any feedback is fair game, and feel free to remain anonymous. If all goes as planned, your input will help determine the course of the new feature.

Thanks in advance.
(’cause I know you’re going to do this for me, right?)

17 responses to “Your Feedback, Please”

  1. wendy says:

    I like coming here because you are always up on the news. You write well with minimum of words.
    More? Your own personal story. It would make it less “newsy” perhaps, but I enjoy reading peoples’ personal experiences too.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks, Wendy! The new feature is going to very personal, actually, so your comment’s very encouraging.

    Remember, guys–send email through the Contact tab up top, or comment here with your input on the site.

  3. Andie says:

    When I first found you on Bellaonline, I was pretty scared and looking for info to help my DS, with asthma a probable diagnosis. In my search to learn more I found your site, and the rest is history :) Not only is the information explained well and accessible, I can even ask you questions directly. I know you have been in the situation of needing to help your child through various crises, and I am so grateful you chose to turn that experience to helping others. So, there’s the general and specific information summaries (ex. we don’t have the wheeze, so knowing about the cough was important … I’d never heard about the link w/ swimming pools – it’s so good to know what to watch for when we start indoor swimming lessons in a few weeks), there are also great links.

    I especially enjoy reading the latest research that you highlight. The environmental aspects are also of interest (though I’m not living in the USA, but many points are easily transferrable to Canada).

    And I have to say – weird health Wednesdays are just terrific!

    Overall, I think it’s the fact that I feel like we could be friends, and you are a very knowledgeable and caring friend helping me look after my little guy. You sharing your personal story has a lot to do with building that “relationship” with your readers. It also makes me realize, we can live a full and joyous life even with health challenges. It all seems so scary at first, and at various points as health issues come up. It helps to know others’ experiences, and to see all the things you really can do (especially if you stay on top of things w/ appropriate treatment). It makes me feel like we really can handle it all and have fun – most of the time :)

    I don’t know if this is helpful for your planning purposes, but I’m curious to see this new direction you are thinking of!


  4. Amy says:

    Yeah, very helpful–thanks, Andie. I’m hoping to get this new thing going at the end of October–that’s all I’ll say now, except that it will involve my kid more.

    (And Wednesdays are my FAVORITE day to update.)

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