Weird Health Wednesdays – Premarital Kissing, Spiritual Car Wreck, Plus a Video

For This Couple, No Premarital. . . Kissing
I’m no fan of abstinence-only sex education, but this Chicago couple is pretty remarkable for sticking to their strict premarital principles and teaching by example. They’re abstinence teachers who just got married and kissed on the lips for the very first time at the altar. Clearly, I with my pre-wedlock AG didn’t go that route, which is–let’s face it–excessive and unrealistic for most people.

On the other hand they’re not hypocrites, and that’s admirable.

Man Smashes Car Into Other Driver at 100 MPH. ‘Cause God Told Him To.
Apparently the woman driver he crashed into on purpose wasn’t driving “right.” Both are fine, but the man’s headed for evaluation. Obviously.

A Bizarrely Entertaining Video Ad
Remember Yes to Carrots? The company with the affordable, paraben-free bath and beauty stuff? It came up with this spoof of Obama’s victory speech, only with carrots. Think South Park meets Saturday Night Live political impersonations meets green marketing, plus Oprah and her Election Night Mr. Man.

Yeah, just watch it:

13 responses to “Weird Health Wednesdays – Premarital Kissing, Spiritual Car Wreck, Plus a Video”

  1. Allie says:

    Wow! No kissing? That’s bizarre? What if it was awful when they did kiss?

  2. Amy says:

    My thoughts exactly. . . . it’s a risky move, considering all the bad kissers running around out there. Those are some brave people.

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