Friday Links – Breathing & Asthma Therapy, Healthiest States, Dr. Greene’s Organic Diet

Breathing Exercises Good for Asthma
But not in the way you might think or hope. This research out of Scotland shows that of 200 adult asthmatics, those in the group that participated in breathing exercises with a physiotherapist had lower stress and took better care of their lungs.

Meaning awareness = better quality of life but no reduction in meds.

Study: Asthma Kids Take Own Meds Early
Some children with asthma take responsibility for their daily means earlier than you might think, signifying that parents and doctors should include kids in conversations about asthma treatment and maintenance. (For example, if your kid has been relying on cough drops instead of bronchodilators, that might make for a good topic of discussion.)

More asthma news via the American Lung Association.

In other health headlines:

New Healthiest State Rankings With Vermont at #1
Louisiana, meanwhile, overtook Mississippi for dead last. My state stayed in the bottom 10, as per usual.

The 3-Year, 100% Organic Diet
It takes 3 years of organic feeding before the Department of Agriculture will certify an animal as “organic.” Pediatrician, website founder, and author Dr. Greene set himself on a real-life experiment to eat all organic foods for the same amount of time. Read how he did it, how he feels now, and how long he plans to keep it up.

Finally, it’s the holidays:

Tacky, Tasteless, and Just Plain Strange Christmas Decorations
No. 15 is possibly the most useless product ever. The barbed wire Christmas tree at no. 7 is sort of funny, though.

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