Weird Health Wednesdays – Bird Flu Sign, Smart Sperm

This Vietnamese bird flu poster creeps me out:

Then again, so does actual bird flu.

The Smarter the Man, the Better His Sperm
Apparently the difference in sperm quality between brainy and–shall we say–less intelligent men is “marginal,” so we can’t make IQ assumptions about, for instance, infertile men.

Another 70 Year-Old New Mom in India
I hesitate to say the obvious here, being neither a victim of infertility myself nor a member of a culture in which childlessness carries a severe social stigma.


Both the father, Bala Ram, and the doctor, Anurag Bishnoi, mention the large extended family that will help with the new baby, a girl, and even raise her in the event she is orphaned by her elderly parents, but nowhere does the article discuss the emotional impact of possibly (probably?) losing both parents at a young age.

3 responses to “Weird Health Wednesdays – Bird Flu Sign, Smart Sperm”

  1. Allie says:

    I have a friend who’s mom was was just short of 50 when she had him (just a little “miracle” not any help from docs) and the fear of losing her was something he lived so intensely while growing up. She held on a long time, but he’s still fairly young to have lost his mom, and you can’t do anything to take back the fear he lived with. I think the emotional impact of having a 70 year old mother has to be huge.

  2. Amy says:


    I was thinking of the impact of the death itself–I never considered living with the fear of losing your mother. What a terrible thing for a child to worry about.

  3. GeorgeandWheezie says:

    Yeah, I’m a grown man and my father is not the healthiest man alive. He has plenty of room to improve the healthiness of his eating habits and lifestyle and instead he chooses not to. I worry about his health and life and I cannot even imagine what it would be like to worry about that as a child. That is completely mind blowing.