I Got Your Holiday Trigger Info Right Here


I’ve been getting a lot of hits lately through people conducting Google searches for holiday asthma triggers. If you’re one of them and new to Asthma Mom, welcome to the Blog of Inferior Breathing. Starring Asthma Girl (age 9), her Steadfast Sidekick (age 7 on Saturday), and me.

Let’s talk Christmas and asthma.

Wondering if your Christmas tree is triggering your asthma or your kid’s?
Read this and this.

Suspect your favorite holiday-scented air freshener is making your lungs freak out?
Check this out.

Can’t figure out whether to use your wood burning fireplace around a lung-challenged member of the family?
You want to go here and here.

Want a guide you can hand to your relatives that tells them what not to buy for your asthma kids?
Feel free to print out and highlight the pertinent parts of this open letter to my family.

Want to learn more about this blog and the people behind it?
Try this and this.

With all the stress, activity, airborne irritants, cold and flu germs, and weather triggers, winter holidays have a tendency to bring out the very worst in asthma. Got any questions not answered through these links? Leave a comment or email me through the “Contact” tab above.

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