Weird Health Wednesdays – Eye Meets Arrow, Deathly Retirement Party, Weird Christmas

Boy Survives Arrow Impalation of Eye, Head
In China, 11 year-old Liu Cheong is okay because even though the arrow went all the way through to the back of his skull, it actually missed his brain. Make sure you click on this one to see the x-rays.

Worst. Retirement. Party. Ever.
This guy wasn’t so lucky. You’ll never guess how he died as a result of his own party.

Romantic Comedies Bad for Actual Romance, Study Suggests
People who watch romantic comedies may have more trouble in their love lives than those who don’t, according to this research. The culprit? Unrealistic expectations set by the movies, even though viewers understand that these on-screen relationships are highly idealized.

The study authors are conducting online research on media influence and relationships, so check out the full story if you want to participate.Weird Christmas!
A whole Flickr gallery, to boot. Be still, my heart.

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