Weird Health Wednesdays – Anti-Smoking Ads in Japan (Again)

Oh, man. I just love Japanese anti-smoking signs with their mild reprimands and intricate diagrams.

Remember these?

I found even more. Check ‘em out. The first one is poetry, even:


If you can’t read this one well it says, “My smoke is enveloping that man over there.”


To wrap up, a little more poetry:


“Inhaled. Burned. Thrown away. If it were anything but a cigarette, it would surely be crying.”

Love it.

Want to see more in the series? Check out MShades’ Photostream.

57 responses to “Weird Health Wednesdays – Anti-Smoking Ads in Japan (Again)”

  1. Noelle says:

    I love the Japanese way of putting things sometimes. I wonder how effective those are.

    And unrelated, but are you getting a heck of a lot of anti-smoking ads in your area? We have them all over the TV and radio here in the Hudson Valley, where they play the sound of a lung cancer victim trying to catch a breath. The serious problem I have is that it sounds exactly like an asthma attack. Whenever I hear it, it triggers my asthma, much like when I see someone with an eye problem, it makes my eyes water. I’m going to have to move to Japan until they stop running them.

  2. wendy says:

    I love seeing ads from different countries. They always have a different slant on things.

  3. kerri says:

    hey “asthma mom”!

    as a fellow blogger who sees the asthma side of the world, i definitely enjoy this post. sure beats the signs that all of the north american smokers ignore.

    i love how the Japanese put the signs so casually yet creatively. beats the ignored signs so all of us trying to save our lungs still have to breathe it in.

    these are awesome!

  4. David says:

    Dear all,

    Please be aware that these are absolutely NOT “anti-”smoking signs.

    Please, please, please do not light-heartedly chuckle and lose yourself in the whimsical mood that these advertisements strive to induce. These are signs designed and printed by JT. Their purpose is to prolong the existence of cigarettes in society by minimizing complaints from non-smokers, and by keeping the minds of the addicted off the real issue: that they are being exploited, killed and robbed, from their first stupid decision until their death – all for money.

    The last thing JT wants is for smokers to realize they have been raped and enslaved until their death by the tobacco industry. JT pretend smokers have a “choice” – and they want smokers to BELIEVE that they are actually “CHOOSING” by themselves to smoke. JT trick (and play on the addiction of) their victims into believing they smoke because they “want” to. They certainly do not “want” to. The addicted feel EXTREME discomfort when they cannot get a nicotine fix, and every time they alleviate that painful, enraging discomfort (or “need”) with more nicotine, it makes the next withdrawal pain even stronger.

    Do NOT smile and giggle when you see JT. They are murderers.

    They are extremely rich, extremely powerful and extremely dangerous.

    Please teach your kids to NEVER, EVER go anywhere near a cigarette.


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