Friday Links – Tobacco Taxes & State Control, Singulair Safety

I was at the pediatrician’s office by 7:30 this morning since AG’s Steadfast Sidekick picked up strep again, but today’s a school holiday, anyway, so things could be worse.

Here are the links, better late than never:

ALA: State of Tobacco Control Report 2008
The American Lung Association has released its most recent state reports for tobacco control laws and policies, with grades in these four areas: tobacco tax, smokefree air, program spending, and cessation coverage. My state (Florida) ranked in with three “F’s” and one “B” in the smokefree air category. I’m taking that to mean Florida won’t let people smoke anywhere, but doesn’t do much to help them quit, either.

In further smoking news from the American Lung Association,

ALA Urges Senate to Pass Federal Tobacco Tax Increase to Fund SCHIP
According to this press release, raising the tax by 61 cents will help 4 million more kids get coverage through the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. I’m glad the American Lung Association cares about expanding SCHIP, since our outgoing (finally!) President doesn’t.

FDA: No Link Between Singulair, Suicide Yet
The key word there is yet, since the FDA is still reviewing trial data from Merck, AstraZeneca, and Cornerstone on their leukotriene inhibitors.


[T]he agency also noted that the trials were not designed to examine such behavior, and that the safety review will continue, probably for several more months. (emphasis mine)

That doesn’t mean the FDA will find a connection, but it doesn’t mean they won’t, either.

And that’s all for today since a cranky child with a sore throat awaits my attention. Have a great weekend!

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  1. wendy says:

    Wish we could have a smoke-free planet! Hope your little one gets better soon.
    p.s. – tell her I’ll send her a real, live, cold, snowman from up north in Canada. LOL! Maybe it will chase her strep throat away!

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