It’s a New Day


Intellectually, I know Barack Obama can’t fix this country’s problems as soon as he takes office today. There will be no instant turnaround for the U.S. economy, no quick and easy withdrawal from Iraq, no simple fixes for healthcare or the environment. President Obama will make mistakes like any other president, and he is bound to disappoint his supporters – including me – sometimes.

And yet.

Today, I can’t help feeling we’re at the start of something wonderful.

Happy Inauguration Day.

2 responses to “It’s a New Day”

  1. Asthmagirl says:

    It’s one of the happiest days ever. Ever.

  2. AsthmaGramps says:

    Of course I am of a slightly diferent political persuasion, but I have to say that every first inauguration is an exciting day, one full of deserved promise and hope. The bottom line I take is each president is different. Each president deserves a first look. Because I spent so much of my life sworn to defend, protect, and obey, I tend to say each president is my president.
    Enjoy the day Amy. You deserve it as does the nation!

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