Friday Links – Asthma Communities & Coaches, Breast Cancer

Introducing the Asthma Mom Facebook Page
Join us! There are only 5 members (including me) since I set it up last night, so you have a chance to get in on the ground floor. I’m hoping Facebook makes it easier to manage your questions, comments, and input at the same time that it fosters a community of parents and patients like Asthma Mom readers. If you’re a new reader, a regular, or even a blogger yourself, I hope to see you there!

I’m a Mile High Mama Now
Check out this mommy blog through the Denver Post, too, if you get a chance and want to read about other people “parenting with altitude.”

Now for actual content:

Cutting Air Pollution Cuts Kids’ Lung Inflammation
And quicker than you might think, too. Remember that research back in January that showed advances in clean air policy actually extended lifespans? This research found that removing children from areas of poor air quality resulted in immediate improvements in lung function and inflammation.

Mayo Clinic: Breast Cancer Spreading to Lungs a Risk for Asthmatics?
And the link is possibly relevant for other cancers as well. Interestingly, plain old inhalers may reduce the risk.

Asthma Coaches
Such a great idea. These health workers help families transition the asthma action plan from the doctor’s office to everyday life through home visits and phone calls.

It’s working, too, by cutting hospitalizations for kids.

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    Another great asthma community is .

    There aren’t very many of us on the site yet, but we are growing!

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