Friday Links – Statins & Asthma Again, Smokefree Workplaces

More on Cholesterol Drugs and Asthma
If you read Monday’s post on statin use and reduced asthma hospitalizations, here’s more information on why treatment recommendations won’t change without further research.

More 2009 AAAAI Annual Meeting News
Researchers presented their statin findings at the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology’s annual meeting this week. Here’s the link to more news from the meeting.

Obama Appoints Health Technology Head
Using technology to streamline healthcare is a key component of Obama’s plan to bring down costs, and Harvard Medical professor David Blumenthal will direct those efforts.

South Dakota the 24th State to Pass Smokefree Workplace Law
And according to this American Lung Association press release,

Elected officials in states like Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin are now considering smokefree air laws.

5 responses to “Friday Links – Statins & Asthma Again, Smokefree Workplaces”

  1. Cindi Kruse says:

    I live in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and cannot express how thankful I am that our legislature and Governor have passed HB1240 (a.k.a the smoking ban!)

    It fully encompasses all workplaces including video lottery casinos which are scattered throughout the hills and have a dominant presence in Rapid City where there is at least one or two per strip mall. It also encompasses all restaurants, bars and casinos in Deadwood.

    I currently am employed with a company that has a suite located in a strip mall directly underneath a video lottery casino. Although, not considered asthmatic, I suffer frequent sinus and respiratory infections and the exposure to thirdhand smoke (yes, thirdhand smoke) in our office is incredible. This further aggravates my respiratory challenges and has been now for 2 years.

    We run a HEPA filter and air purifier in our office and on certain days you can actually see the smoke, not just smell it. All the oppponents to the ban simply say get a new job. Well if it were only that easy!

    Come July 1, I will definitely be breathing easier and am proud that SD has stepped up to the plate in concern for its citizens health and safety!

  2. Amy says:

    This IS great news, Cindi–and I’m so glad it will hopefully ease your symptoms.

    Thanks for the great insights about the casinos in strip malls, too. Sounds like if any state needed to pass a workplace law, it’s yours.

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