The Rocky Mountain Altitude

Since I live and write in the Mile High City, this blog gets a fair amount of traffic from readers interested in the impact of high altitude on asthma. Here are the posts I’ve written on the subject:

(Posts run least to most recent.)

When I planned to visit the Denver area with my asthma kid.

My thoughts on high altitude living and moving from Florida to Colorado.

How my daughter’s lungs adjusted when we first arrived in Colorado.

Whether I think you should move here with your asthma kid.

6 responses to “The Rocky Mountain Altitude”

  1. jean says:

    We have a son with asthma as well- we moved here-longmont – to improve his health from memphis’ terrible asthma situation. Funny to find another in same ish situation. great blog.

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Jean–We didn’t move here b/c of my daughter’s asthma, but I’m so, so ecstatic she hasn’t had any problems. She doesn’t really have many outside triggers, anyway, but I was a little nervous since she’d spent her whole life in coastal Florida, below sea level, before we came to Denver.

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