Swine Flu Reader Input: Pneumonia Vaccine, Doctor Visits

If you’ve never clicked on the swine flu link over there to the left, you might want to check it out. I’ve compiled all my H1N1 posts there and included links to influenza resources but even better, the comments on those posts are crammed full of good information from Asthma Mom readers. Here’s a recent sample:

Over at Effect Measure, Revere recommended that all adults get their pneumonia shot in the face of this pandemic (though I believe that research has now found that it’s viral pneumonia causing severe cases, which the shot would not prevent).

I asked my allergist and was given the shot without question, despite being just 37. I don’t know if it will help, but it feels like one thing I can do to protect myself. – From commenter “Her Grace”

She’s not the only one updating after a visit to the doctor, either. Here’s what Sandra’s pediatrician had to say on taking a child with possible flu symptoms into a germ-filled office vs. toughing it out at home:

[i]f they display flu symptoms at all (not a cold) get them assessed straightaway, don’t phone the health line [because] they’ll just tell you to give them fever reducing drugs etc… she said put a mask on them and take them in, they’re children!

Thanks for your input, ladies! I appreciate it, and I’m sure other Asthma Mom readers do, too.

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