More on Sunshine and Seasonal Flu

If you missed last week’s brief discussion about vitamin D’s possible affect on seasonal flu, these three links may not make sense to you.

Vitamin D and Cold, Flu Prevention

Scientific American examines some of the most recent research on the vitamin D/illness connection in this post from last February. While it doesn’t address tropical regions specifically, the post does go into the higher risk that vitamin D deficiencies can pose for asthmatics and other lung patients.

Tropical Flu Seasons

In contrast, this Effect Measure post from March offers some insight on year-round flu vs. typical flu seasons in the tropics, with one surprising (to me, anyway) finding. Vitamin D pops up in the comment section here, though not in the article itself.

Weather and Flu Transmission

Just last month, I read Virology Blog’s account of how temperature and humidity affect the spread of influenza, and what that means for this pandemic.

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