Fall Color at Kenosha Pass


I had a few posts planned this week, including a review, all of which I’ve put on hold because of unforeseen circumstances.

Y’all, I am sick as a dog over here.

Is it H1N1? Seasonal flu? Flu-like virus of some sort?

Who knows?

While sicker than I’ve been in years, achy, exhausted, feverish, and coughing hard enough to alarm my family and double me over occasionally (seriously, never coughed so hard in my life and ETA: I recognize the irony of my whining about coughing here on an asthma blog and let me just say, again, how much it sucks for our kids – and all you asthmatic readers yourselves – who’ve got to hack away like this on a more-than-regular basis), I am not actually ill enough to need a doctor. In fact, I seem headed towards the slow mend. AG and the Steadfast Sidekick aren’t sick, but we’ll see what the rest of the week brings. Assume massive fruit and vegetable consumption and near-constant handwashing for them – and prompted by me – in the meantime.

I might not have gotten so sick had we not hiked up in Kenosha Pass last Sunday while I was (apparently) coming down with something. Totally worth it, though, to see the gorgeous Colorado fall color.

We hiked on the Colorado Trail, which runs almost 500 miles through the mountains southwest of Denver to Durango. This portion in the pass winds through the golden aspens in Pike National Forest:


Here you can see the clouds that eventually gave way to rain and then snow in the mountains and foothills yesterday, the last day of summer:


I love the way the yellow aspen leaves blanket the trail. You never see anything like that in Florida, where I used to live.


Me and the Steadfast Sidekick: