Swine Flu Update – Week Ending Oct. 23

H1N1 Cases in England Double in One Week
If there were any doubt left about how contagious this strain is:

Last week = 27,000 cases This week = 53,000 cases

CDC Calls H1N1 a “Disease of the Young”
New CDC research from Sept. 1 through Oct. 10 shows that of the swine flu fatalities studied during that time period, 23.6% were younger than 25, 65% were ages 25 to 64, and 11.6% were over 65. Also according to this article, which is based on the CDC press conference, in the normal non-pandemic flu seasons, 90% of fatalities occur in people over 65.

Parents against the vaccination often quote the still (comparatively) low number of H1N1 deaths, but they’re missing the point. Looking at the number of deaths by itself is misleading. It’s the unusual ages behind the numbers that matter. Seasonal flu always hits the older population hard, but these H1N1 deaths? Are mostly kids and young adults.

Wired Goes After the Antivax Parents, Too
Go check out Matt Blum’s post. It’s great. Also, have you checked out all the news stories lately about H1N1 vaccine shortages, delays, and hours-long waiting lines at shot clinics? While I hate to hear about the delays, at the same time it’s encouraging to see the numbers of people not falling for the anti-vaccination pseudoscience.

Swine Flu Changing Hospitals’ Visitation Policies
I’m not linking to this one because it’s happening everywhere. Expect changes in hospital visiting guidelines all over the U.S. The hospitals hope to limit the spread of H1N1 among their patients (and themselves, I’d imagine) by restricting children and/or visitors with flu-like symptoms. The moral of this story: call the hospital to check on visitor policy first, so you don’t show up with three kids and then get turned away at the door.

On the Personal Front
It’s been a crazy week here in the Asthma Mom household, hence my near-absence in the comment section and on Twitter lately. I am reading and appreciating every one of your comments and emails, though, even if I haven’t responded to them.

Wishing you and yours good health and beautiful autumn weather this weekend.

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14 responses to “Swine Flu Update – Week Ending Oct. 23”

  1. Roe says:

    I do NOT want to be labeled an anti-vaccine idiot but I cannot get any real answers to this question and I have searched the internet and bugged those of my acquaintances in the med profession… but the REAL answer is seems to be is there is NO answer. We are still in the trial and error phase on some aspects of the vaccination process. My concern ? There are many children who will be receiving the nasal HN1N flumist this weekend. They will be returning to classes Monday. My grand-daughter who as an asthmatic turns sniffles into 10 days of nebulizers and orapred, has not been able to receive the shot as of yet. My concern(I work in school administration)is for my loved one, but also for all the other children who may be exposed to the possible “shedding” of this live virus. I KNOW, the risks of spreading the virus are low,,,,,that is what we are being told at the SAME TIME as they are telling us the risk of contagion from live viral shedding is 21 days. Amy, I am very confused. And I apologize for my stupidity in this. It just seems that the shot should have been available BEFORE they used the flu mist. That way, those who are highly susceptible to these HN1N germs would have had protection prior to the live virus contamination(possible). Again, I apologize. I know you are a stanch supporter and I pray it will help to put the brakes on this pandemic. I just fear for those who have not been able to yet receive the delayed shot.

  2. Marcia says:

    My son received the H1N1 vaccine on Oct. 16. So far, no reaction at all but a little bodyaches and headache the day of the vaccine but nothing the day after.

    Beats getting H1N1 anyday. Have about another week to go until he’s considered protected.

    Big sigh of relief? You better believe it!

  3. Amy says:

    Great news, Marcia! Thinking some flu-free thoughts for your son this week.

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