Swine Flu and No Fever

Dear readers who’ve ended up here after Googling *H1N1 no fever,*

– Yes, you can have swine flu without a fever.

– Yes, it’s a little uncommon but not completely unheard of. In fact, this feverless flu quality is just one more feature that sets H1N1 apart from other outbreaks and even regular old seasonal flu. (More on H1N1 weirdness here and here.

– No, there are no firm numbers on the phenomenon yet. The evidence is anecdotal – from both patients and doctors – and from this one study in the New England Journal of Medicine that reports fever in 94% of 642 swine flu patients. Which leaves no fever in 6%. (link via MPR.)

– Yes, the CDC still includes fever as part of the H1N1 description, even as it acknowledges the absence of it in some cases.

– Yes, lack of fever makes H1N1 super easy to spread and recovery harder to pin down.

Moral of this Story
If it looks like swine flu and feels like swine flu, it’s probably swine flu. Meaning you should treat it like swine flu and assume it’s highly contagious, even without a fever.

Your favorite Asthma Mom

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