H1N1 Flu, Asthma News – Week Ending Dec. 4

Vaccine availability is up while actual swine flu cases have dropped. In other news:

Swine Flu Email Scam
If you get email looking like it comes from the CDC and addressing a H1N1 vaccine registry, just trash the message. It’s not from the CDC, and trying to comply with it will probably result in a computer virus.

Prevention Strategies Appear to Reduce H1N1 Transmission
Not only has this unusual strain forced researchers to rethink their previous ideas about flu pandemics, but we’re also learning more about how preventatives like social distancing can reduce the spread of illness.

Emergency Inhalers During Pregnancy Up Autism Risk?
This Johns Hopkins study, coming out this month in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology warns that heavy use of bronchodilators in the late second-term and third term of pregnancy might be linked to autism.

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