A Decade of Asthma

Introduction to a Decade of Asthma

Here we are at the end of 2009 and in the final days of the Aughts, so, accordingly, the Internet is crammed full of lists to see us through to 2010.

Have you, for example, been wondering about the completely subjective top albums or songs from 2000 through 2009?

How about the best books?
Sci-Fi movies?
Influential Internet moments?

If you’re looking for any other subject, you can probably find it on Newsweek’s 2010 site. Yes, that’s right. An entire website devoted to this sort of thing.

These lists! I love ‘em all and CAN’T STOP READING THEM and so over the final two weeks of this year, I’ll be posting one of my own.

Last weekend, I realized my daughter’s asthma, from first flare to diagnosis til now, has roughly coincided with this decade. Born in February 1999, AG experienced her first flare on New Year’s Eve that same year and was finally diagnosed in spring 2001. She’ll turn 11 shortly after the year 2010 begins, and we’ve all come a very long way from the beginning of the new century until today.

I’ve learned a lot and I’ve screwed up a lot, and right now my kid has reached late childhood, poised on the edge between my maintaining her health and her taking over some of the responsibility, with early teenagerhood looming sooner than it seems.

Starting tomorrow and ending on New Year’s Eve, I’ll be counting down the list of 10 key concepts and lessons I’ve learned – and wished I’d known from the beginning – that come with the territory when you raise a breathing-challenged child.

Stay tuned.


The Countdown: 10 Years of Asthma Lessons

No. 10: Letting Go of Expectations About Health & Childhood

No. 9: Learning to Love Steroids

No. 8: It Takes Way More Than a Village

No. 7: Deconstructing the Asthma Cough

No. 6: Carpe Everything

No. 5: Steroid Rules, Inhaled and Oral

No. 4: Trusting Yourself

No. 3: No One Understands

No. 2: My Kid Should Probably Start an Asthma Blog Someday

No. 1: Embrace Change, Because It’s Gonna Happen