Counting Down a Decade of Asthma – No. 4, Trust Yourself

Part of the series A Decade of Asthma

Raising a kid with asthma involves more judgment calls and gray areas than I’m really happy with, but I can’t change the nature of the beast. Instead, I’ve learned to pay attention and trust that still, quiet voice within.

When intuition suggested I change the way AG used albuterol when she was younger, for example, I listened. And that moment in Asthma Mom family history marked the first real victory we scored in understanding AG’s specific symptoms and how to head them off.

More recently, I paid attention when my daughter got sick suddenly in September on the heels of my suspected H1N1. It was pure gut feeling that sent me to the pediatrician with her immediately, where her swine flu was confirmed so she could start Tamiflu right away.

Point being:

I didn’t trust myself enough to listen when she was very young and new to asthma, and all of us – but especially her – struggled mightily as a result.

Knowledge is so important, so vital to taking care of a kid with asthma. Read everything you can; ask questions and take notes at pediatrician and specialist appointments; learn what you don’t already know about your child’s health; observe and think about your child’s symptoms and what they mean; and then make the conscious decision to heed your own intuition.

16 responses to “Counting Down a Decade of Asthma – No. 4, Trust Yourself”

  1. Mabeane says:

    Trusting myself has helped here as well. Textbook doesn’t really ever happen. We are all different. Good series of posts. Thank you.

  2. Amy says:

    And you brought up another key point–w/every asthma case differing so much, it makes even more sense to trust yourself on the hard decisions.

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