Counting Down a Decade of Asthma – No. 2, My Kid’s Blog

Part of the series A Decade of Asthma

No, she doesn’t have one yet, but I hope she will someday.

I blog as the parent of an asthma patient, but the patient bloggers themselves – people like Steve, who is practically a superhero, and students  like Danielle and Kerri, who manage their health the way my daughter will in a few years – have convinced me she should consider blogging herself when she’s older. I want AG to have access to this small but supportive group of asthma bloggers, to have access to instant advice and information from other people living with the same respiratory disorder she does.

Using social media to help treat chronic illness is gaining traction right now, and while the decision will be her own, I’ll be encouraging my kid to take advantage of every tool the Internet offers to help her manage her health.

17 responses to “Counting Down a Decade of Asthma – No. 2, My Kid’s Blog”

  1. kerri says:

    Okay, I got really excited and was like “AG HAS A BLOG?! LINK ME UP!” :)

    We will be ready and waiting if she chooses to blog! She will have avid commenters!

    And, agreed. Steve is pretty much a superhero. That man ROCKS.

    Also (as if you couldn’t tell), I love social media. It is one of my favourites ever I think. :D

  2. Amy says:

    Of course, by the time she’s old enough, we may have something else instead of blogs–I mean, who could’ve predicted Twitter? (Something I’ve been neglecting during the holidays….)

  3. kerri says:

    I miss you on Twitter. Seriously. I hope you’re back to tweet with me during classes next week ;) [oops, did I say that “out loud”?] :)

    If I don’t talk with you before then, HAPPY NEW YEAR Amy! And all the best to you and your family in 2010!

  4. RICK FREA says:

    It is a small but ELITE class of asthma bloggers. We’re looking forward to the new member.

  5. Danielle says:

    That would be SO cool! We’d all love to see AG blogging, but maybe in a few years…

  6. Carolyn says:

    I would follow her in a heart beat. Kids explain their symptoms using different verbiage…her blog would really benefit many readers and give my young daughter someone to look up to:)

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