Counting Down a Decade of Asthma – No. 1, Embrace Change


Don’t ever think the asthma you’re dealing with today will be the same disease you’re treating next year, next month, or even tomorrow.

Asthma changes all the time. It can involve new symptoms and new triggers, and it can affect a person in ways totally new and unexpected. People with asthma – and everyone else, for that matter – can even develop allergies to anything, at any age, even if they never had them before.

And sometimes it gets worse, but most of the time for children – asthma gets better.

It gets better.

Each year of parenting my asthmatic daughter has felt a little easier than the last, whether because the asthma itself has improved or my handling of it has, and also in part because she is old enough to explain her symptoms to me and start learning when she needs to use her inhaler.


And my life now that she is almost 11 scarcely resembles the one I used to have, when every cold sent her to the emergency room.

And she never seemed healthy.

And she always coughed.

She always coughed.

And she missed too many parties and holidays and special events.

And I never slept.

And I was always afraid.

I was always afraid.

But it gets better.

It got better, and I hope that wherever this New Year’s Eve finds you, whatever your health or your child’s and however long you’ve been living with asthma, that each day of 2010 gets a little easier for you, too.

I thank you all so much for reading Asthma Mom in 2009, for sharing your stories and tips and input with me and with other readers. If you have ever learned anything or felt a little less alone from reading this site, please also know I’ve gotten just as much from you.

Happy, Healthy New Year’s to you and yours.