I’m Sort of Back

I’m slowly – and I do mean S-L-O-W-L-Y – getting myself onto a post-holiday routine but lemme tell ya, it’s hard.

For starters, the girls don’t go back to school until Wednesday. WEDNESDAY! What was the school board thinking when they created this schedule? Clearly, it wasn’t about telecommuters who need to get some work done.

Also, instead of taking a two-week break like some of the big-time bloggers did and like I probably should’ve, I just took long Christmas and New Year’s weekends. In between, I posted installments to the Decade of Asthma, a series I hope you’ll check out if you missed it over the holidays.

Point being, life’s not back to normal in the Asthma Mom house yet, so somewhat regular blogging should resume tomorrow.

In the meantime, please go wish asthma superhero Steve a quick recovery, healthy lungs, and subsequent hospital discharge. Check out Kerri’s update to find out why.

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