The Devastation in Haiti

Haiti was the poorest country in the Western hemisphere even before a 7.0 earthquake hit it this week. Infrastructure was weak to begin with and collapsed in the quake.

Now the whole country suffers:

According to the Red Cross and via CNN, the earthquake affected approximately 3 million, meaning 1 in 3 Haitians are dead, injured, and/or homeless.

They are stacking bodies in the streets. Victims are still trapped, and many are sleeping outside.

Haitians lack food and water, and most can’t get medical help. The quake damaged or destroyed most access routes into Port-au-Prince, hindering international aid efforts.

Port-au-Prince’s major prison collapsed, killing some inmates while others escaped.

For Information on Missing Friends/Family

Call the U.S. State Department, but expect delays:

Use this database:
Haitian Earthquake Registry

Leave or request information here:
New York Times Lede

To Donate

Partners in Health needs surgeons, nurses, and other medical folks to volunteer.

Doctors Without Borders is treating injured people in tents because three of its clinics are too damaged to use.

Oxfam International has a Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

Aid agencies need money more than anything else, but you may not be able to donate. If you pray (or even if you don’t), then pray for the people of Haiti and their rescuers.