Asthma on American Idol

Do you watch American Idol?

AG has a beautiful, powerful voice that she does not get from me. She and her Steadfast Sidekick love that show.

When they watch it, I usually cringe over Idol’s smarmy, heavy-handed editing of contestants’ “very special stories” that shouldn’t have any bearing on a talent competition, anyway, since everyone has some kind of sob story if you look hard enough. And as far as filler value goes, why not just use more footage of, you know, the singing?

Anyway, I’m not writing anything that hasn’t been written about Idol before, my main point being that one competitor on last night’s Chicago auditions had a backstory I actually paid attention to.

Check out Paige Dechausse, whose background includes a severe asthma flare that almost left her for dead. This is pretty much my nightmare:
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(via TV Crunch)

Her story’s kind of a kick to the ribs, no? Like Paige, asthmatics look healthy and generally are healthy, but a severe, life-threatening flare can happen to anyone, anytime.

Unfortunately, that’s the nature of asthma. It’s a stealthy disease. It’s also, however, a highly liveable disease, as Paige herself demonstrates.

7 responses to “Asthma on American Idol”

  1. Sara C says:

    I have that nightmare too…and I think it always will be. I am also asthmatic…more severe now than I was when I was younger…and I remember being a little shocked when the campus health center where I went to school asked if they could share my asthma status with the campus EMT’s (all students) because I never thought of myself as being severe enough that I might be “found” somewhere, and not be able to tell someone what was wrong. (it reminds me again, that I should get my little AG a medic alert medallion.)

    Am I the only one who noticed how incredibly WRONG she used her inhaler at the end? I guess it could have been for “show” (like, I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t breathe)

  2. Danielle says:

    I usually think these sob stories are beside the point too, but it’s cool to see asthma in the media now and then. The threat of an attack like that is something I’m used to having in the back of my mind. I just really hope my mom wasn’t watching because like you the thought of this possibility can make her feel physically ill.
    Agreed, her inhaler technique could use some work. Anybody notice what kind of puffer she used… it wasn’t a flovent was it? Because that’s not going to do her any good.
    Thanks for sharing!

    PS AG should keep up the singing, in addition to being awesome, I have a feeling it can only be good for the lungs!

  3. Amy says:

    Guys, YES, on the inhaler technique. Last night I told my kid, “Don’t ever use it like that.” I sure hope it was for show, since using it like that wouldn’t have brought her any relief.

  4. Sara C. says:

    It was a proAir albuterol inhaler. It’s the one I have. My daughter uses Xop…works better for her.

  5. kerri says:

    I totally noticed the inhaler technique too!!! Boooo.

    Did you guys see this article about singing and health? I got the link from MyAsthmaCentral this morning:

  6. Danielle says:

    Thanks Sara C. I don’t think we have proAir up here so I was a bit confused.

  7. Elisheva says:

    I hate how asthma is so misportrayed in the media. I’m guessing if she really does have severe asthma, she knows how to use an inhaler properly and probably didn’t need it at that time. I’m assuming her agent told her to use it at that time to gain her some points – to remind everyone of her story. Ick.