Tools for Spring Allergies


I took that photo from my backyard this morning.

Because this is Denver, though, one of the most fickle regions in the U.S. weather system, tomorrow will heat up to 60 degrees. Spring allergies loom just around the corner for us, but maybe the blooming has already started where you live.

In any case, have some allergy links:

Living with Pollen
How to limit exposure
Local and national allergy forecast, updated daily

The Virtual Allergist
From the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

More on Pollen and Ragweed
From National Jewish Health

15 responses to “Tools for Spring Allergies”

  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks Amy, this is right on time for me. I went back and read your “Living with Pollen” and had totally forgotten about the old shower at the end of the day tip. I’m about to do that right now. Great resources!

  2. Sara C. says:

    My AG doesn’t have any allergies either…which I think is SO strange…though I’m happy about it. I suffer from seasonal allergies (as well as pet dander) and it’s a huge trigger for my asthma as well. Great tips on dealing with asthma. We start running our AC early (well, early for New England) because humidity is a BAD trigger…so even if it’s not hot out, we often have the AC running. I never open the windows either…(well, because the AC is running.) I’ll have to remember the showering thing…it makes so much sense, but it never occurred to me. (though my KIDS shower every night in the spring and summer.)

  3. Amy Anaruk says:

    Happy to help! Wondering if the shower thing would help ME, actually. (see trackback link above) Of course, I DO keep my windows open in spring, and that can’t be helping me, either.

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