Friday Links – Prenatal Vitamin D, National Asthma Agenda, Black Currants

Study to Attempt Asthma Prevention with Prenatal Vitamin D
This research on vitamin D supplements during pregnancy has no immediate relevance for my own life since I’m not having any more children, but it holds exciting prospects for the future. Asthma prevention could take a giant step forward.

American Lung Association’s National Public Policy Agenda
To encourage a more comprehensive national approach to asthma, the ALA released this agenda (pdf) of 19 policy change suggestions in areas like healthcare and outdoor air quality.

This is just the kind of exposure asthma needs, especially since it addresses change at all levels – national, state, and community.

New Entries at Record of Breathlessness
As for change when it comes to accurate portrayal of asthma in the media, make sure you send in your entries and spread the word.

ETA one more:
UV Exposure, Immune Response, and Airways
Danielle’s write-up of some recent research that delves deeper into the UV ray/vitamin D/asthma/the allergic response.

Black Currants Ease Asthma Symptoms
One New Zealand study shows they can reduce lung inflammation for people with allergic asthma.

Starbucks’ “New” Cup Sizes
I love April Fool’s Day on the Internet. This prank was one of my favorites because pictures of people drinking buckets of coffee are always going to be funny.

Here are Some Crazy-Elaborate Easter Eggs
These are Martha Stewart’s doing, of course.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

11 responses to “Friday Links – Prenatal Vitamin D, National Asthma Agenda, Black Currants”

  1. Amy Anaruk says:

    And under the American Lung Association policy agenda pages, there’s an opportunity to help. Go here to read about the Family Asthma Act 2009 and send an email to Congress supporting it:

    (it would expand CDC surveillance of asthma incidence and severity, in order to track and improve treatment and management.)

  2. kerri says:

    The Starbucks one cracks me up; definitely saw that on Twitter yesterday.
    Y’all know I’m sort-of a Starbucks freak, eh? ;-) I gave up Starbucks AND Tim Horton’s for lent, and I am going CRAZY. I think I’ll need a Plenta come Easter ;-)

  3. Sara C. says:

    Interesting about the Folic Acid and the Vitamin D…Both my girls were winter babies…in New England…I’m SURE I was vitamin D deficient. The thing with the Folic Acid…if I had to play “would you rather” between asthma and a neural tube defect…I’d have to choose asthma. (I think I was reading it right, that the increased use of folic acid may have a part in the rising asthma rates)

    As for the Starbucks thing…I’m still waiting for the “caffeine via IV drip” when Starbucks comes out with THAT…I’m ALL over it.

    Have I mentioned that I love Friday Links?

  4. Amy Anaruk says:

    Kerri–Yeah, I can think of a couple of days during the past year that warranted a “Plenta.”

    Sara–I think lack of vitamin D is one of very few risk factors AG DIDN’T have since she was born and raised in FL, lol. I agree about the neural tube defect, of course–the issue w/folic acid seems to be that in the U.S., pregnant women take supplements AND it’s added to some of our foods, too. They seem to be trying to pinpoint how much protects vs. how much (may) raise the risk of asthma. (and thanks, again!)

  5. Kelley says:

    Ok, so what is blackcurrant and how would i get it into my AG? I want so say jam comes to mind, but…? I can put just about anything in a smoothie & she’ll drink it – would this be something I could add? Does anyone know much about it? I’m pretty much willing to try just about anything as long as it’s safe.

  6. Amy Anaruk says:

    You can buy black currant juice, actually! Can you get Knudsen’s where you live? They sell it, and it’s not a blend. If you’re wondering why no one really talks about or consumes much black currant stuff in the U.S. (farming them was banned up until recently), check this article out:

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