Friday Links – 2010 Asthma Cities, Electronic Nose, Dogs as Risk Factor

The AAFA’s 2010 Asthma Capitals
Congratulations, Richmond! The AAFA deems you the most challenging U.S. city for asthmatics to live in this year. You are, however, in good southern company with Tennessee carrying three of the top-10 slots and Georgia claiming two. (My area = 68.)

Electronic Nose Asthma Test
And now here’s a sensor-filled, scientist-created “nose” that appears to diagnose asthma through patients’ exhaled breath and with more accurate results than nitric oxide evaluations or even spirometry. (Via Allie, author of Stay, which comes out in June.)

Dogs, Not Cats, Up Asthma Risk?
Cats and allergies go together like, well, asthma and bronchodilators, but new research shows children at risk for developing asthma who live with dogs, not cats, have an even higher chance of developing it than those at risk who don’t.

Late Winter = Heavy Spring Pollen
Allergy symptoms making you miserable right now? Everyone else, too.

One More Pitch for Treme
The Wire in New Orleans – what could be better? Make your favorite Asthma Mom happy, and watch it to keep ratings up. Plus, then we could do a Monday recap/discussion.

Also, David Simon on Stephen Colbert:

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Airs Sunday, April 11

12 responses to “Friday Links – 2010 Asthma Cities, Electronic Nose, Dogs as Risk Factor”

  1. Sarah says:

    The late winter = heavy pollen thing explains why, even though it’s only April and I normally don’t get hit by seasonal allergies until late May/Early June, I’m already stuffier than usual and feeling the sinus pressure/sneezing. No asthma flares yet, though, thankfully (barring one relatively minor one – I only needed Ventolin an average of four times a day for two days, which is nothing compared to last summer when I could get through an inhaler or two a month), but for me and allergies, it’s only a matter of time.

    My allergist is, I think, going to recommend allergy shots at my appointment in June (and if he doesn’t suggest them, I’ll bug him for them!) because a once-a-day antihistamine plus a nasal spray just isn’t cutting it.

  2. Amy says:

    I hear ya–my eyes are crazy-dry lately (though living in Colorado doesn’t help, that’s for sure), so much that now I have eye drops for my contacts AND for when I’m just wearing glasses. It’s a minor irritation, though, so I can’t complain. I hope allergy shots get you feeling better!

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