Mondays, and Boston Marathon Day

Oh, Mondays.

I used to love Mondays. Crazy, right?

It’s not, really. Not if you work from home, and sometimes your projects require weekend time.

Because when Monday dawns and everyone in your house goes back to work or school, you finally – FINALLY – get 6 silent hours in a row to research and write and edit and thinkabout what you’re writing, without getting interrupted to take one kid to her volleyball game, to tell the other kid why doesn’t she help Dad with whatever he’s doing in the garage, to tell all three of them where they can find the new jar of peanut butter you bought last week and basically to participate in all the other little weekend interactions of your average American family.

But lately, Mondays roll around and circumstances prevent anything but working and updating Asthma Mom. Last week, AG’s stomach bug. The week before that, I can’t even remember. Today, no Internet connection all morning long.

You’d think I’d learn by now and get my Monday post ready by Sunday night, set it to post first thing in the morning, and therefore bypass the inevitable hiccup in my day.

So! In lieu of the post I planned this morning, two announcements instead:

1. Steve’s in the Boston Marathon today
He’s incredible. Go wish him well.

2. Blog Changes Coming
Yes, again.

We’re doing some redesigning on Asthma Mom, but you shouldn’t have any problems reading this week. Really, if we accomplish this the way we’ve planned, you probably won’t even see any changes until the new look goes live. If you do see something screwy in the site navigation this week, though, don’t worry. It won’t last.

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