Eldorado Canyon and the Continental Divide (I Did It!)

Notes From an Asthma Kid

I am so sorry that I haven’t written or commented in awhile! I’ve been REALLY busy.

Speaking of being busy, I did something super fun over Spring Break. My family and I went to Eldorado Canyon in Boulder, CO. (My mom wrote about it.)

It’s a really pretty place full of trees and flowers. Anyway, we hiked through Eldorado Canyon, and then stopped at the Crags Hotel Ruins near the top.

The ruins weren’t what I expected. There was a giant pit, and for a second I thought it was the old dumpster for the hotel or something. I read the sign, and it turned out to be the bottom part of where a huge fountain used to be.

There was also a small part of an old wall. (How exciting!) Editor’s Note: read that parenthetical with a typical 11 year-old’s sarcasm and eye roll.

The last part of the ruins was an old fireplace used for cooking. The remains of ceramic plates and glass were on it. The glass was worn smooth like sea glass.

Editor’s Note: We didn’t take this video. This YouTube user did.

Since the Sidekick was tired, Mom stayed with her at the ruins while Dad and I hiked farther to the Continental Divide. It was amazing. It looked like a giant dip in the land. There was even a road winding through it, which I think is kinda weird.

I think hiking is really fun. Sometimes it got hard to breathe because we were at such a high elevation. Also, even though I pushed myself and headed to the Continental Divide, I had no asthma problems on the way there! I didn’t even need my inhaler at the top!

I was very grateful and glad that I didn’t need it because I wanted to see the divide very badly. I pushed myself to do something hard, and I did it! As Rocky Balboa says, “YO ADRIAN! I DID IT!”

See you later!

Editor’s Note: My children are obsessed with the Rocky movies. I’m afraid that’s my influence. Don’t hate.

6 responses to “Eldorado Canyon and the Continental Divide (I Did It!)”

  1. kerri says:

    Hey Kyra, welcome back! I was missing your posts!

    THIS: “There was also a small part of an old wall. (How exciting!) Editor’s Note: read that parenthetical with a typical 11 year-old’s sarcasm and eye roll.” made me laugh, because even before I read your mom’s note, that’s exactly how I said it in my mind haha.

    It looks gorgeous, and I’m glad you were breathing okay for the most part and were able to enjoy the hike!

  2. Danielle says:

    I loooove hiking too! When I’m not at school I live in the Canadian Rockies and I love it there! Only 7 more days till I go home!

    Good for you for pushing on to the Continental Divide! That’s awesome. I’ve never seen the Rocky movies (crazy!) but I totally know what you mean on the “I DID IT!” part. It’s an awesome feeling, no?

  3. Natasha says:

    I read your article and Danielle’s comment, and I wondered again why on earth my parents settled in the UK and not in Canada (I have one parent from each!). Am so jealous of people that get to grow up with all that wilderness around. Still, one week, and I’ll be back in Canada too for a visit!

  4. Sara C. says:

    That looks gorgeous. I love hiking too, and I’d love to bring my girls, I’ve always been worried about Mariella’s breathing. Good to know that it IS possible. (I’ll just follow your mom’s tips)

    Good for you, pushing yourself. How neat to see the Continental Divide. I’d love to see that.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hiking is awesome! I used to hike and play in the back woods near where I lived when I was little. The other kids and I spent so much time in the woods that our school had a whole unit in gym class devoted to wood safety each year. I have a lot of complaints about that school, but the wood safety and survival unit is definitely something I DON’T complain about – it was really useful! Four of my friends and I got stuck in the woods during a thunderstorm once, and thanks to the unit, we were able to build a shelter and stay warm, dry and (relatively) safe until the storm blew over two and a half hours later.

    Do you guys get woodland safety and survival education at your school?

  6. Kyra says:

    Thanks, Kerri!

    Danielle, I think it’s really cool that you live in the Canadian Rockies. Have fun this summer, and I DEFINITELY recommend watching the Rocky movies.

    Natasha, I wish I could visit England some day!

    Sara C–Seeing the Continental Divide was very cool & I hope you’ll be able to see it someday, too.

    Sarah–Not in 5th grade, but in 6th grade we get to do Outdoor Lab. We’ll stay in the Rockies for a week without our parents and learn science, wilderness, and survival skills. I wish I were in 6th grade NOW!