School’s Out, Summer’s In!

Notes from an Asthma Kid

You know what’s great about summer?

The freedom!

Here is my summer update. Well, I’ve found LOTS of time for the pool. The pool that I usually go to has an awesome slide. It also sometimes has a net up for water volleyball. I play volleyball on a team, so I use it every time I go with the Sidekick and Mom. Summer is a great time to just do whatever. I recently went to my grandparents’ house and slept over with the Sidekick (Of course!) and spent the whole next day with them. My grandmother took the Sidekick and me shopping, and I got these funky clothes that look like they’re from the 80′s.

They rock!


I have a great time every summer, but it’s nice at the end to slip back into a regular school routine and see my friends everyday again. But it’s great to have the freedom while it lasts.

What are YOU doing this summer?

See you later!

Editor’s Notes:

I had nothing to do with these photos or clothes. This is what happens when Mrs. Asthma Mom-in-Law takes them shopping – to their great delight – and then they get a hold of my camera.

You may notice I’ve gone back to calling the kid “AG,” and here’s why: I keep getting emails and comments from readers who call their own children, “my AG” or “my Asthma Boy,” and I’m incredibly flattered that my daughter’s pseudonym has spread. Plus, AG and the Sidekick makes them sound like superheros, don’t you think?

13 responses to “School’s Out, Summer’s In!”

  1. Samantha says:

    they are some cute clothes! we are doing some of the same stuff really… just relaxing and enjoying the free time without the “have to get up early for school” part ;)
    and yup AsthmaMom… the names have stuck… ive been known to refer to my girl as my little ag, or her own name “miss monkey” but thats another story…

  2. kerri says:

    Your mom sent me some pictures of that pool last week, it’s AWESOME. I knew you’d be all over that volleyball net!

    The clothes are AWESOME. I think i need to come shopping with you. :D

  3. Sarah says:

    Those clothes are cool! You have much better taste in clothes than I did at your age.

    Also, this summer, I’m going to be working in a lab all summer as part of my Master’s degree… that might not seem like fun, but it is! I get to spend all my time doing stuff I want to do in the lab instead of attending classes, writing assignments, or teaching lab courses (which I wouldn’t mind too much except that it seems the teaching assignments are designed to be annoying and inconvenient for Master’s students).

    Have fun this summer.

  4. Sara C. says:

    you have quite a sense of style…and yep…that looks a lot like what I wore back in the olden days.

    I think I’ve got the only kid who ISN’T looking forward to the summer…but I’ll bet if she had a cool pool like the one your mom emailed me last week…she’d probably like it more.

    Have a great rest of your summer.

  5. Elisheva says:

    I also love volleyball! I used to be on the team! But wait, are you talking about water volleyball? That’s something I’ve never tried.

    80s clothes! I was looking at that and thinking how you weren’t around in the 80s. And that made me feel really old. Then I remembered I don’t remember much of the 80s anyway, so maybe I’m not as old as I think? Altho I do have pictures of myself wearing authentic 80s baby clothes, and even in the right era :)

  6. AG says:

    Samantha, Thanks! Have an awesome summer!

    Kerri, I see you have great taste in clothes. :)

    Sarah, A lab?! What kind of lab?

    Sara, Why isn’t she looking forward to summer? In my opinion, summer is the BEST.

    Elisheva, I don’t play water volleyball. I play indoors on a court. I just practice with the volleyball net at the pool. My favorite fashion from the 80′s is the hats!

  7. Sarah says:

    I work in a Chemistry lab on my Master’s project. It’s great fun.

  8. Sara C. says:

    She just really, really loves school. She thinks a day that she doesn’t learn something new is a wasted day. So I have to make sure we do lots of educational, fun stuff over the summer.

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