Friday Links – Organic Milk for Asthma, Virus Sculptures, Exercise

Organic Milk Might Lower Kids’ Risk of Developing Asthma
When pregnant women ate only organic dairy products and their babies did the same until they were two years old, this study found those children had 36 percent lower rates of allergy march disorders than kids who consumed conventional dairy.

People eat organic food because they want to limit their exposure to pesticides and other chemicals used in conventional agriculture, but these results mark the first major research showing an actual nutritional benefit to this type of diet as well.

Related, the Asthma Mom family eats mostly organic – or at least sustainably grown – food as much as possible, and I know firsthand how hard it is on a tight budget. I’ve written some organic shopping and cooking pointers for other publications before, but in light of this study I’m considering a series on the subject here. Any interest? Let me know.

Beautiful Influenza
Artist Luke Jerram creates stunning glass sculptures of serious and even deadly viruses like smallpox, various flu strains, and H.I.V. in his “Glass Microbiology” series.

             Swine Flu Virus - Photo by Luke Jerram                        

Watch the process:

Working Out to Decrease Asthma Symptoms
We know regular exercise is good for peace of mind and overall health, but now some research shows regular exercise may help adult asthmatics attain better control. Read the whole thing, though, because “[t]he study had a number of limitations.”

“Hey There, Big Guy!” Vaccinate Your Kids!
I love this campaign. The concept and execution make me smile, and it’s just in time for Father’s Day.
(Via Liz Ditz’s Twitter.)

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  1. Samantha says:

    Im all ears for shopping tips on the organic issue. I try to do as much as i can for our health and the environment, but budget constraints… make it not so easy sometimes

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks for making me aware fo this benefit of organic milk…add it to my list of benefits of organic dairy!

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