The Family Trip that Never Was

Shortly after this stretch of highway, on our way through the Rockies to Salida yesterday, something happened.

It involved a smoking car, a near-total lack of cell phone reception while trying to reach our insurance company and the hotel cancellation desk, and a long, hot, and dusty wait for the tow truck that brought us all the way back home and delivered our car to a mechanic.


I can’t lie; we’re all pretty bummed. But postponing – or possibly, depending on the quote from the mechanic today – canceling our trip altogether is not the worst thing that can happen to a family.

Kids in the hospital, for one. That’s always worse.

We’re all healthy and we love where we live and there are plenty of fun things we can do here in town. And we’re making the best of a disappointing situation by doing some of them.

That’s why, although I didn’t get to go on my mini-vacation, I’m taking a few days off.

See you Tuesday.