Review Policy

I’d probably love to review your book, travel venue, home product, or hiking/outdoors gear and/or host a giveaway for my readers, but please note a few guidelines:

1. My older daughter has asthma, not me, and she’s my child, not my guinea pig. As such, I can’t accept any products that act medicinally for reviews. That includes vitamins, herbal remedies, special juices, or any other foods or products purported to have medicinal benefits. Thanks for understanding.

2. Sending something for review is not a guarantee of a review. I’d rather not post anything at all than write something negative about your product.

3. Most of the time, though not always, I travel with my kids. They’re awesome, and they love adventure. In fact, I write a lot about taking them hiking here in Colorado, making sure my asthma kid can breathe when we do hike, and some of the gear I use to help me haul everything (including her inhaler).

4. If I review your product, I’m uncomfortable accepting advertising for it later. Why? Because FTC blogger disclosure law means I’d have to go back to that review and place a disclaimer on it like this: “This review is for the product of an Asthma Mom advertiser. The review was made in good faith before accepting any ad contract and reflects honest opinions.”

I’d rather not do that.

Instead, if you’re interested in advertising rather than/in addition to a review, then please let me know up front what you’re looking for in a campaign and we can work on a creative solution for your company together.

Please use the Contact form for a mailing address or if you have any questions.

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