Friday Links – Asthma: It’s Not Just for Kids, Plus a Helicopter Rescue Story

Here’s an Inspiring Story About a 13 Year-old With Severe Persistent Asthma
New Jersey student Samaad Bethea spent a month on a ventilator three years ago during a life-threatening asthma attack and an anaphylactic allergy reaction. Now he plays football and basketball.

Forget All That Mom’s Diet = Baby’s Asthma Stuff. Maybe.
Women should still eat healthy, nutritious food during any future pregnancies, but this new research couldn’t find a connection between what an expectant mother eats and her baby’s risk of developing asthma, despite recent theories. As usual, doesn’t mean there isn’t a link, and more research is ongoing.

Remote Wildnerness Rescue of New Zealand Student After Asthma Attack
You might have read this story on Sarah’s blog already. Sarah commented on it from a positive perspective, which I needed, because when I first read this article? My mind went to this place:

Kid on a school trip in a national park? Major asthma attack requiring helicopter rescue? Oh dear God, my asthma kid’s heading to Outdoor Lab this fall for a week without me. In the cold. On a freaking mountain. I am trying not to have a small heart attack over here.
(Photo above not from the article)

Asthma and Allergies Often Missed in Elderly
Because the conditions are more common in the elderly than most people realize, they get underdiagnosed and undertreated in the older population. In fact, this article explains how patients often assume they’re short of breath as a natural side effect of aging, but if doctors discover asthma and treat it, the patients’ quality of life can improve drastically.