Friday Links – The Not-a-Conference, Chickenpox, Voting

HomeHer10 is the Most Fun I’ve Had All Week
If you follow me on Twitter and you’ve been wondering why I keep hashtagging the most mundane of tweets with #HomeHer10, this is why. Also, here are some “conference” highlights.

Chickenpox Might – MIGHT – Reduce Risk of Asthma, Skin Allergy
One study suggests this link, but clearly there are several health factors to consider and much more research to complete here. For one, if a clear protective effect is established and chickenpox vaccinations are then pushed forward to later childhood, some kids would still go on to develop asthma, anyway, and chickenpox is much more serious for them than it is for non-asthmatics.

Childhood Hunger Increases Asthma Risk
This broke my heart today. Childhood hunger is already devastating for all the obvious reasons, but now it appears kids who experience food insecurity – worry or fear over their next meal, and the fact that it may not be coming – are more likely to develop chronic conditions like asthma.

Talking About Asthma Pet Peeves
Check out this post on Sarah’s blog. In it, Sarah provides a clear picture of how asthma can affect a life. In fact, this post might be another one for printing out and passing around copies to well-meaning friends and family.

Finally, a Weird Health Wednesdays Reminder
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16 responses to “Friday Links – The Not-a-Conference, Chickenpox, Voting”

  1. Kelley says:

    If the above were that valid, I would have severe asthma, not my daughter. I had CP when i was 7 but not dinner every night then…. so?
    Thank you for linking to Sarah’s blog. I was under the delusion (a bit) that after my AG got her adenoids out & her sinus surgery to finally get rid of the sinus infection that triggered her asthma, that she might just not have it SO bad… I’m kinda still in tears with the absolute, indesputible realization that it is not going away. I didn’t realize i had been in denial, until…she started coughing a bit last Thurs., got a bit snotty like a cold on Sunday then… Wed was fever with bronchitis and sinus infection again, which leads to antibiotics and oral steroids. We have now been directed to do saline nasal washes EVERYDAY (not so much fun for a 7yr old)…. I am going to print that out because it is worded so much better than i can ever manage to.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, Kelley.
    That point when you realize, Yes. My kid will always have this – it’s really hard, and I know you were hoping for a better outcome after the surgery.

    Plus, sinus infections are heartbreaking at that age. Poor kid.

    And then daily nasal washes on top of it all? My heart goes out to both of you.

  3. Sara C. says:

    Kelly…as icky as the daily sinus rinses are, we try to make them as fun as possible…we fill the sink with some water, and try and catch the “jelly fish” (the mucous looks a bit like jelly fish when it floats in the water) It’s not going to make them really fun…it’s kind of like “looking for elmo” or character of choice in the ears or whatnot. My oldest gets a kick out of gross, maybe it’s only her that want’s to catch the jellyfish. Might be worth a try, though.

  4. Amy says:

    Sara–That. Is. Gross. And wonderfully creative – I love it & thanks for sharing. When AG was prone to sinus infections (to this day, we have no idea why or why she’s not anymore) and had to do them, I didn’t come up with any fun ideas to help her get through them. I love the Internet.

  5. Kelley says:

    Yeah, she’s always more interested when stuff comes out. She’s supposed to do them from now on even when she’s not stuffy, so she won’t have any stuff to look at then. BTW (and off-topic), I hate thrush.

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