Outdoor Lab in December. DECEMBER.

In this part of Colorado, public school students get the chance to attend Outdoor Lab for a week sometime during their sixth grade year. Basically a weeklong nature and science overnight camp in the Rocky Mountains, the experience is a big deal for kids here. A BIG deal. Huge, in fact. Parents at the girls’ school still talk about their experiences from Outdoor Lab, if that gives you an idea.

Because this state is awesome and the best place in the world to live, and have I ever mentioned how much I love it here?


At school registration last week, I discovered AG and the other sixth graders will be heading to Outdoor Lab in December. Last year’s students went in the middle of fall.

“December?!?” I said.
“December,” another mom told me.


Here’s what last December looked like where I live:

That’s at 5,280+ feet. Technically, because I don’t live in Denver proper, I’m more than a mile high despite the tagline of this blog. But let’s split the difference, shall we?

Outdoor Lab takes place at 8,000+ feet.

In December, did I mention that part yet?

I’m still processing this information.