Another Day, Another Lung Garden

Hey, do you guys remember that one Russian guy who thought he had cancer and then found out he had a teeny fir tree growing inside his lung instead?

It happened again.

After two weeks of testing, an ambulance ride, and a collapsed lung, doctors found a pea plant growing inside this man in Massachusetts. Apparently the going theory involves eating a pea, which later sprouted. How that occurred in a green plant without sunlight – a question my biologist friend asked about the fir tree story – I do not know.

If I bring back Weird Health Wednesdays for good, you’ll get stories like this one every week. Why not fan Asthma Mom and vote?

Asthma Mom
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5 responses to “Another Day, Another Lung Garden”

  1. kerri says:

    I love Weird Health Wednesday, and I think your readers need to get their yes-vote on 😉

    Crazy plants, they grow everywhere!

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, do I have the mother lode of funny videos for Weird Health Wednesdays if I do them, courtesy of Mr. Asthma Mom. You’ll cry, they’re so hilarious.

  3. Susannah Hunt says:

    Is this true-really?
    A new take on April Fool’s: August unbelievableness?


  4. Michelle says:

    I actually believe that a seed can sprout in a lung. Seeds germinate without sunlight, just need water, which we all know is present in a lung. I didn’t believe the fir tree story, however. A plant cannot grow, with leaves, in an environment devoid of soil and sunlight – as far as my education and experience has led me to believe.

    The big question is: Why was he eating pea seeds?

    Uncooked peas are good to eat, but the story I saw on TV made it sound like he ate seeds – like the ones you put in the ground. Not good to eat I would imagine.

  5. Amy says:

    Maybe it was mixed up in one of those bags of dried peas, the kind you can make split-pea soup (yuck) with. Then again, I’d think cooking a seed would keep it from sprouting. Who knows…